Fueled by honest wonder and countless cups of coffee, singer-songwriter Naomi Marie writes of love, loss and life’s oscillating adventures.



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Four Miles to Story City

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Primary Colors

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Naomi Marie

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For booking, contact Naomi Marie at naomimariemusic@gmail.com.



Naomi Marie on stage Hailing from Minnesota’s cultural hearth, Naomi Marie developed a deep respect and appreciation for the arts at a young age. In 2011 Four Miles to Story City, a five-song collection of acoustic and piano-led tunes was recorded at Skies Fall Studios in SE Wisconsin. This work was proceeded by a move in which she was transplanted from the lively twin cities to quiet life on Lake Michigan. After a short time, her debut full length, Primary Colors, was released. Since its introduction, she has continued performing, primarily as a solo artist, in various concert venues, clubs and coffee shops in the Midwest. She is currently studying and traveling abroad with her instrument in hand.



For booking at your local bar, church, prison, campus, fundraiser, shelter, café, house show, hospital, or hostel, please email naomimariemusic@gmail.com.

Love, Naomi Marie